The rev. James D Franklin III,


HOLY CRAP! In 2015, I woke up one day and began my career as a campus minister. I quickly realized I had no idea how to do my job. I began to write in journals and sermons about my own (holy) crap and how God was with me especially in the mess. Campus and young adult ministry is inherently messy church. It is fundamentally missional. There is a frustratingly small amount of training material for campus ministers. Also, only a handful of books about being Christian as a college student exist...and none from an Anglican/Episcopal perspective. 

Enter Becky Zartman. Becky and I met in seminary but little did we know that we would both end up as campus ministers and feel equally ill equipped. We resolved to create books and materials to not only help ourselves but also our students and other campus ministers who will wake up one day and realize, "Holy crap...what now?"