Episcopal Student Fellowship

2019-2020 Student Leadership

Introducing the new vestry team for the 2019-2020 year! These members of ESF have gone above and beyond to shape and develop ESF into the community it is today. Reach out to them with any questions about ESF, life at Wake Forest or anything else you might need!


Darden Grubb- President

Hi! My name is Darden and I’m a senior accounting major from Raleigh. I started coming to ESF my freshman year and was able to get more involved my sophomore and junior years on vestry. Joining ESF has been such blessing during my time at college. It has given me a great support system and some of my favorite memories. The people of ESF have helped me grow as a person and in my relationship with God. I feel so fortunate to serve as president of vestry this year and give back to the community that has given me so much.


Charlotte Warren - Student Chaplain

Hi friends! My name is Charlotte Warren and I am a French studies major and a Biology minor. This will be my fourth year in ESF and my third year on vestry. As Student Chaplain I aim to create a welcoming environment for everyone and provide support in any way I can for those who need it. I, along with the awesome Charles Knox, will hold regular « office hours » where people can drop in as needed to talk about anything from the mundane to the profound. Basically, consider me to be an automatic friend!


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Charles Knox - Student Chaplain

My name is Charles Knox and I am a senior at Wake, which means at this point I am here for a good time, not a long time.  This is my first year on vestry and I could not be more excited to be student chaplain!  I I did not start going to ESF until the very end of sophomore year, but everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at home very quickly; I hope to do the same to any newcomers this year!  As student chaplain, I will have “office hours” each week where anyone and everyone can stop by to talk about anything, trivial or serious!  I am also in charge of the tailgates, and they are going to be some of the biggest and coolest events in the recent history of the Episcopal church— see you there!



Henry Nowland -- Vice president

My name is Henry Nowland and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a senior with a Philosophy, Politics and Economics interdisciplinary major and a Psychology minor. I have been a part of ESF since I started at Wake Forest and I am excited to serve as Vice President on Vestry this year. The ESF community has been a huge part of my time at Wake and I look forward to welcoming new members this fall!



Chris Behring -- Treasurer

My name is Chris Behring, and I’ll be ESF’s treasurer this year! I’m a sophomore from California majoring in psychology and double minoring in entrepreneurship and schools, education, and society. I’ve been involved in ESF since I got to wake and look forward to taking a position in a group that has meant so much to me. ESF has provided me with the laughs and roasts that make Work Forest bearable. For money for retreats, Wednesday night dinners, and Sunday night wine, I’m your man.


Patrick Ramey - New Member Coordinator

Hey y’all, I’m Patrick Ramey from Chattanooga, TN and I’m a sophomore with a major in history and minors in education and psychology. I’m really excited to be the New Student Coordinator for ESF this year, as ESF has served as a focal point for my college experience so far. I’m involved all over campus, but I’m always at ESF on Wednesday night to reconnect with some of my best friends on campus. Looking forward to meeting new members this year!



Jourdan Folger- New Member Coordinator

Hi guys! My name is Jourdan Folger, and I’m a sophomore with an intended major in Politics and International Affairs. This is my second year as a member of ESF and my first year on vestry as a New Member Coordinator. Coming into Wake, I knew I wanted to find a place where I could deepen my faith in God and meet new people, and ESF gave me the close-knit community that I relied on for support, guidance, and laughter during my freshman year. Thanks to ESF, I’ve met some of my closest friends and I’m so excited for the opportunity this year to welcome others into this loving community!


Jenna Mayer & Chyanne Thompson-Quarterly - Service Coordinator

Hi y’all! My name is Jenna Mayer and I am a junior from New Jersey double majoring in Politics & International Affairs and Elementary Education. This will be my second year on vestry and my third year involved in ESF. This year I will be one of the service coordinators. ESF has been integral to my time and college and I am so grateful for all of the people that this organization has brought into my life.

mayejj17@wfu.edu thomca16@wfu.edu


James Ives -- Member at Large

 I'm James Ives, and I'm a sophomore. I'm studying to be a Health and Exercise Major, and I'll be working around campus as an EMT. This marks my first year in ESF's vestry, where I'll be representing the group as a member-at-large. I’m glad to know all the wonderful people in ESF, which has been a welcoming and enriching experience, both for social events as well as spiritual development. I look forward to spending time with friends old and new this coming year.


Kelli Frangoulis- Member at Large

Hi all! My name is Kelli Frangoulis and I’m a junior with a History and Classical Languages double major and Computer Science minor here at Wake. This will be my second year on vestry and my third year being involved with ESF, and I am so thankful for this organization that has been such a large part of my college experience. This semester I am a Member-at-Large, and I really look forward to continue serving the group that gave me my best friends and some of my favorite memories at Wake! Here’s to another great year with ESF!



Elizabeth Mabry - Member at Large


Hi everyone! My name is Elizabeth Mabry and I’m a junior with a double major in Business and Enterprise Management and English. I have been a member of ESF since my freshman year, and this will be my second year serving as a Member-At-Large on vestry. ESF has become an integral part of my experience at Wake Forest providing me with lifelong friendships, purpose, and a sense of belonging. It has proven to be the community I go to for endless support, compassion, and laughs. I truly love each member of this organization, and hope to return to campus to many new members!


Audrey Groves- Member at Large

Hey guys ! My name is Audrey Groves I am a junior from Denver, Colorado with a double major in computer science and business management. I joined ESF freshman year to meet some new people, but little did I know that ESF would not only give me my best friends but also some of the best memories I’ve had in college. This year I will be helping out with organizing intramurals and outside events like hikes and girls nights! I’m so excited to meet all the new members and I am always down to grab a cup of coffee! See you all soon!