Holy Week Meditations: Monday, April 10, 2017

Welcome to Monday in Holy Week! Today, offer a pause, a chance to recover from the drama of Palm Sunday before we plunge into looking at the secondary characters in the story that travel with Jesus to the cross.

1. ASK God to be revealed to you through this passage; express your desire to experience God and ask that the Holy Spirit move within you and inspire you.

2. (RE)READ: Matthew 26:14- 27:66. Read it twice! (it’s long, I know, but totally worth it – this is THE STORY! This is our framing text for the whole week!). First time through: just read it at a normal pace. Second time: as you read through NOTICE which details make you scratch your head; NOTICE which parts draw your eyes and attention. You know that saying, "The devil is in the details"? Not true here. For this week especially, and in this passage, GOD is in the details. 

3. DO: Carve out some time today to meditate on these questions and on this passage. IMAGINE that you are one of the characters the scene. WONDER why is God bringing this to your attention? Be alert because God is speaking to us through this, through the people we meet, through beauty, through the mess, through tough situations facing us today, and through the unexpected. We may just meet one of these character-types from the story today.

**BONUS action: CLEAN something today (inbox, dorm room, closet, office, cabinet, etc). If we’re talking about making room this week for Jesus, perhaps cleaning out some physical cobwebs will, in the debris of our souls, make space for our imagination and let us hear/see the theophany through the cacophany.